Brusselsestraat 74 first floor

6211 PG, Maastricht

Tel .: +31611717515


The Boutique Studio is located in the Squash Center and Mac on the first floor. Follow the signs in the large Welcome Hall through the big doors.


On the first floor you will find ZES with a Reformer Pilates studio and a physiotherapist/masseur practicing there. For private sessions Reformer Pilates make a separate appointment and use the separate entrance on the left by ringing at the door.


By bike:

ZES is centrally located on Brusselsestraat. Place your bicycle in the designated racks in the gate and do not cause any nuisance at the neighboring buildings. Thanks!


By bus:

Several buses stop at Koningin Emmaplein, a few minutes' walk away.


By car

It is best to come by bicycle or public transport given the hustle and bustle in the city center. If you do come by car, you can try to pay for parking at the end of Brusselsestraat.


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