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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates at ZES  is a form of Pilates performed on a Reformer where the classic elements are merged with more dynamic elements such as speed, constant flow, the use of Pilates toning balls and the Fitness Circle and focused on movements in  daily activities .  Beautiful long muscles are created by using springs and ropes on both sides. Top models swear by Reformer sessions, but older people can also benefit greatly from the Reformer for balance, strength  and coordination of post-rehabilitative. Teen Reformer classes are gaining popularity for better posture.  If you want to increase your heart rate during your Reformer session, try the ZES Jumpboard classes, unique in Maastricht and success guaranteed!


The group sessions are offered at different levels, so something for everyone, young and old, beginner and intermediate. The boutique studio accommodates eight state of the art SPX Reformers and because of the soothing play of light, good music, wonderful scents and dynamics, this session will give you a great feeling; "Immersive Pilates".

The design of the studio is very spacious to give all participants a feeling of freedom, luxury and personality and to comply with safe guidelines to keep moving even during a pandemic. Since there are only eight Reformers, it is important to book your session on time! Book your Introductory Reformer Pilates Beginners group session for half the price; send an email to ZES for more info.



If you want more "speed" during your Reformer session, this Jumpboard Reformer group session is perfect for you! You jump lying down so no gravity and therefore safer for the joints.

NB In case of medical conditions such as osteoarthritis and back pain, it is recommended to obtain permission from a doctor or physiotherapist before taking part. 

Book your Introductory Reformer Pilates Jumpboard group session for half price email ZES for more info.


Is it your first time doing Reformer Pilates or do you just want some extra guidance from the Reformer Pilates Instructor? Or have you been referred by the physiotherapist or podiatrist to do Reformer Pilates, for example in case of post-rehabilitation, arthrosis, osteoporosis or hypermobility, then private sessions are a good start because of the extra guidance and at the same time the collaboration with your health specialist who, can discuss your tailor-made program with the ZES Reformer Pilates instructor.

If you want to get a little more confidence and extra personal attention on the Reformer, private sessions are of course also worth considering.

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