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Imagine: lying, standing or sitting on your reformer, you are surrounded by a beautiful light effects, perfect music and nice scents. Immerse yourself in this sensory experience and let yourself immerse in a Reformer Pilates session that makes you "let go". Let your Movement become an Experience!


In the Reformer Pilates studio in London it soon became apparent how much more pleasure customers experienced from the combination of a Reformer Pilates session with a "playlist" of good and recognizable songs and the movement of the Reformer that could bring them in a "zone", the diffusion of delicious aromas and finally the play of light with reflection in the mirrors. And so the idea "Immersive Pilates" was born.


Are you also interested in experiencing such a unique Reformer Pilates session in the Netherlands and making your "Movement an Experience"?

Just give it a try and let the reviews below talk for themselves ....









ZES Boutique Studio Reformer Pilates
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" by recreating REAL LIFE SCENARIOS with  VISUAL EFFECTS,  THE STUDIO CEILING is turned into a  "WINDOW"

"the VISUAL EFFECTS are  a VISUAL FEAST making the workout more ENJOYABLE and therefore more PRODUCTIVE"

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​"For a better MIND BODY BALANCE and a UNIQUE workout!"

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