Frequently Asked Questions


1 . Is ZES ® Reformer Pilates the same as traditional Reformer Pilates and what is the difference with Mat Pilates?

Based on a Reformer Pilates program set up by physiotherapists in collaboration with trainers, ZES Reformer Pilates adds more "spice" to the workout through a constant flow from one exercise to another, using Fitness Circle and Pilates toning balls for added challenge and working up to " muscle fatigue "instead of a fixed number of repetitions. In the US and UK this is a very popular and especially safe way to grow beautiful long muscles, reduce back pain (or even make it disappear) and to work on a beautiful body posture.

With Pilates on the mat, you will generally train a little less effectively as the body likes to choose the path of least resistance and compensate with other muscle groups. On the Reformer your body is forced by the unstable base, the springs and ropes, as it were, to use the correct muscle groups, “cheating” is not an option and therefore the results are much better, faster, safer and more precise. Actually Reformer Pilates is “Pilates 2.0” and the difference between mat and Reformer is comparable to a ride in an average car (on the mat) and a luxury car with more comfort, better performance but also more control and precision (on the Reformer ).


2 . I am a beginner and / or elderly, is ZES Reformer Pilates right for me?

Absolutely, ZES Reformer Pilates is for every level and every age (provided you are healthy and have no specific medical complaints of course). The instructor will guide you extra during this first lesson, "you're in safe hands". If you still feel a bit too insecure to immediately participate in a beginners session, you can of course also book a private session on the reformer first. ZES has experience in training the older age group and "post rehabilitation", so as long as your doctor or physiotherapist has given you permission to start exercising again, ZES Reformer Pilates is a perfect way to work safely on a strong and healthy body with balanced muscles. Remember: ZES Reformer Pilates is based on a reformer pilates program set up by physiotherapists and for that reason people are often advised to do reformer when they have finished their rehabilitation because physiotherapists know how many benefits this way of training provides.

A word of caution: once you've mastered the basics and got to know the reformer, you could get slightly addicted to this workout!


3 Do I get enough guidance and attention during group sessions?

Yes, absolutely: that is one of the pillars of ZES: small groups (maximum six), personal attention and professional guidance, partly through collaboration with medical professionals. The lessons can be taught in both English and Dutch, depending on the group, something for everyone.


4 . Do you have changing rooms and showers?

Yes, in the general changing rooms you can store your clothes in lockers and change clothes; ZES is not liable for lost or stolen items . If you want to store your belongings in the studio itself, if you already arrive in sportswear, for example, you can safely store your valuables in the lockers in the welcome hall at ZES. Furthermore, the general changing room has wonderful showers and a sauna, all part of the Experience at ZES!


5 . Do I have to purchase a membership and how does the payment work?

No! That is one of the six pillars of ZES: no annoying, binding memberships but just the freedom to book and come when you feel like and have the time! You can check the "time schedule" online and then book and pay for your favorite session online in advance; "pay as you go". In addition, you can also choose a package from our price plan with a certain number of sessions, which makes a session relatively cheaper. Up to you! If you install the handy ZES App on your phone, prepaying is even easier.

You can also make a last minute contactless payment in the studio. The price for this "last minute" booking is slightly higher, keep that in mind. Please note: there are only 6 seats available for ZES Reformer Pilates, so booking last minute can be  tricky!


6 . I am pregnant or recently gave birth, can I participate?

Yes, you can participate in all sessions until about your seventh month of a normal pregnancy (but always in consultation with your doctor or midwife). After giving birth you can participate in the reformer sessions again after three to four months. Here too, especially in the case of complications, the doctor or midwife must first have given you permission for these specific sessions. Let's keep it safe!

ZES also offers 1 on 1 sessions for pregnant women and mothers who have just given birth, so that they can focus extra on their special needs and physical capabilities during that period. Please contact ZES in advance to discuss this.