Owner & Founder

Dance in every form (and more ways of movement at a later stage) has always been her passion.


After working as a para-legal for 10 years, Petra rediscovered her passion in Reformer Pilates, Zumba and Personal Training and opened her Boutique studio in London.


After having lived  abroad for 13 years, she returned to her old beloved student city of Maastricht to introduce her new concept and transfer the joy for movement and with it, a healthier and happier life. 

With her unique concept of "Immersive Pilates®", she responds to all senses in her studio, using visual effects, so that the workout becomes a real experience!


Petra is certified as a personal trainer, STOTT ® Mat Pilates and Dynamic Reformer Pilates trainer, Total Barre instructor and Zumba instructor (see link for more info). In addition to training adults, she specialises in working with children and active elderly. During her time in London she worked in cooperation with a physiotherapist and podiatrist so that she could deliver safe and effective training. She now intends to create such a care circle in Maastricht.


Get ready for a new way of exercising with Petra taking you on your Reformer Pilates journey!






 Reformer PIlates Instructor

Ezgi is a certified Pilates Instructor who has been teaching since 2016.

She completed her certification with Peak Pilates. She has extensive experience with reformer, mat, tower and barrel&chair classes in various Pilates studios in Istanbul.
In 2017 she became a certified Pilates trainer of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation. Practicing yoga is another passion in her life.

After moving to Maastricht she became a certified Functional Reformer Pilates instructor. She believes that Pilates, balancing strength and flexibility, is one of the best things a person can do for their body.

With her sense of humor and eye for perfect technique, her classes are definitely a must!


Reformer Pilates Instructor

Soha is a certified pole dancer. She obtained her diploma with Pole Dance Egypt.


With a Masters from the United Nations University MERIT and the Maastricht school of Governance,  she has been working for international organizations for 7 years and has been based in Maastricht since 2018. Before that she worked at the UNHCR in Cairo.


Her passion for dancing and Pilates led her to teach Mat Pilates to friends and colleagues online and in person.


Despite her full-time job and learning Dutch, she managed to complete the Functional Reformer Training at London Pilates Academy.

Soha sets the bar high for herself and others, so get ready for a good workout on the reformer!



Enya is a certified ballet and tap teacher and has been teaching at a well-known ballet school in West London for years.

She studied musical education in London and has appeared in the Wizard of Oz as "Ginda"; "Pinocchio" in the musical of the same name and "Elle Woods" in the Belgian production of Legally Blonde.


With her roots in South Limburg, she can often be found in Maastricht and the surrounding area during the holidays. She will therefore be at ZES during the summer for ballet and musical dance workshops for children.


Keep an eye on the announcements on the website to book a spot in time for a special ballet or musical dance workshop for your child with this amazing dancer from London!

Dance teacher/Actress