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Petra has been my saviour! I have suffered with back and knee problems for a number of years. I believe that this is the first time that anyone has paid so much attention to detail and is truly committed to making improvements. Petra has incorporated movements carefully and has designed encouraging workouts that are progressively strengthening my weakest areas. Petra is  is exceptionally positive and professional. From a personal point of view I feel like I've taken confident and decisive strides forward both physically and mentally and I can only thank Petra for that.


Petra is a TOP trainer! I do dynamic reformer Pilates training with her at her private studio and although it is hard work, I have never felt better in my life before; my lower back pain has gone and I feel more energized. When my physiotherapist recommended me to Pilates I made the right choice to go for a women's trainer with a thorough Stott Pilates background and good knowledge about anatomy. Luckily she is based quite close to where I live in Chiswick



I am so pleased to have found

Petra, who is an extremely professional and caring teacher, as well as being a nice person. She is so encouraging and positive. I am a mature, fit lady who has had two slipped discs and she was recommended to me by my physiotherapist. Petra is assisting me in strengthening my back muscles and helping with my posture generally. She challenges me, which I like, whilst taking exceptional care of my back issues. I really do enjoy my lessons in her lovely studio

Wen Lin

Petra doesn't need me plugging for her, as she is one capable woman, but do keep in mind that she is an awesome personal trainer, i've really loved working with her, being a super critical person myself, i could not find a single improvement, everything she does is perfect, so send your friends her  way!


.I liked the personalized program which focused on my specific targets/goals. really  enjoyed the floor workout and loved the stretches.


I have been training with Petra for almost 2 years now. She's amazing. Very enthusiastic and extremely careful. She is a very good listener and will always adapt the training to your level while pushing you a little bit further every time to achieve your goal. Very nice studio and great music! I can only recommend her.


My training was adapted each session to make it diversified/varied. I enjoyed that  exercises were switched and changed and new challenge brought in each training session. Training was supported by good music!

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