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New: subscriptions at ZES

To give our customers a little more routine and rhythm, we have added subscriptions to the price plans on request. Below you will find the general terms and conditions of these subscriptions. If you have any questions, you can always email:

Terms and conditions subscriptions

* subscriptions can only be taken out by signing an authorisation form in the studio

* it is the client's responsibility to have sufficient balance in the bank account for which the authorisation has been issued at the time of debiting

* subscriptions are valid for 4 or 8 Reformer Pilates group sessions , Beginners, Intermediate & Jumpboard. The 4, 6 or 8 sessions have to be used up in one calendar month and are not transferrable to the next month.

A purchase of multiple sessions outside the subscription is possible for the "single session" price of €22

* subscriptions only start on the 1st of each calendar month

  *subscriptions have a notice period of 1 calendar month . Cancellation must be made by email to

* subscriptions must be entered into for at least 3 months

If the client wishes to terminate the subscription before the 3-month term, he/she must do so before the 1st day of the 3rd month

* subscriptions are personal and non-transferable

* in case of serious illness or physical inability to exercise, the subscription can be frozen for 1 month provided the client can submit a doctor 's statement

* in case of holidays of at least 2 consecutive weeks or stay for work abroad,  the subscription can be frozen for 1 month (not shorter); any session that client wants to attend during that month outside his/her holiday  or a stay abroad due to work, can be booked via a separate session for the normal price of 22 euros

* ZES reserves the right to close for holidays.  ZES will notify clients in a timely manner so that clients can decide to freeze their subscription for a month or book their sessions around the closure of ZES

* ZES  will be closed during the month of August . All subscriptions will then be frozen

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