With today's electronics such as mobile phones, iPads and computers, the demand for teaching in good posture and use of the "core" has increased enormously and with it the popularity of Reformer Pilates in particular. With the Reformer, the all-important "postural muscles" can be trained in a very targeted manner. Every Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm, ZES offers special Reformer Pilates Sessions for Teenagers from 12 years and of at least 1.50 m., A fun session of 40 minutes on fun music and cool light effects, exercising safely and effectively at the same time! Book your Introductory Reformer Pilates Teens session for half price by sending an email to ZES for more info.


Prior to the first session, you are kindly requested to fill in a PARQ form (click on the link) for your child and have your child bring the form or e-mail it to us at contact@zes-maastricht.com the first time.


In case of specific medical issues such as hypermobility, ZES also offers private sessions at the Reformer for teenagers, of course in consultation with a paramedical specialist.